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Welcome to Stone and Grace

Welcome to Stone and Grace, where we decolonize spaces, places, and people, and liberate hearts and minds, to strengthen the individual and collective disposition to thrive. Incorporated in December of 2020, we are proud to display our new look, website, services, and reinforced resolve to make the world a better place. We envision a world that is led by love, and work to make this vision a reality by supporting people to be socially and self aware, and by incubating creations into 5-D (spaces and places operating at the 5th dimension of consciousness here on Earth).

We Value:

Our work deconstructs antiquated systems, structures, and ways of thinking and acting, in order to reconstruct: build back better, anew, and create spaces and places that work for us all. Through leading with honesty and care, and prioritizing freedom, we support individuals, teams, groups, companies, and organizations, ascend to better ways and higher consciousness. Our services range from workshops that share the important, hidden or untold pieces of history, to empowerment coaching that taps into the universal symmetry that is all of us. Reach out, connect, and let us support the creation of your best self with the conviction that is stone, and the love and light that is grace.

Welcome to Stone and Grace.

In Power,


Shaunda Lewis

Founder & Principal

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