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Our Inaugural Cohort: The Decolonizers

Welcome our inaugural slate of Decolonizers - in Development. All on the Mastery track, and Masters in their own right, they are building their self awareness through spiritual science, and building their social awareness through social science - the skillsets necessary to decolonize any space they occupy or community they inhabit. They are:

Check out more on The Decolonizers page! We will be highlighting each one in the coming weeks and months, and growing our community from there.

For a long time, as a humanity, we have been obsessed with the physical components of existence - praising physical ability, many times to the detriment of our mental and spiritual abilities. All three combined - the physical, mental, and spiritual - are what makes us human. And while physical titans teach us what is possible in a physical body, what they make us fragile to is what it takes to tap into our mental and spiritual super powers. What many of us tend to experience when we are tested mentally or spiritually is similar to a malfunction in our operating system. A mental or spiritual test triggers our amygdalas forcing a danger reaction rooted in fear - fight, flight, or freeze. Opportunities to develop spiritual strength scare the living daylights out of much of a colonized humanity.

We are here to trailblaze; to show the world what it means to build spiritual strength, exist as spiritual beings in a physical body, and possess a refined mental skillset. We know that this takes the resilience that is stone and the love that is grace.

What is your spiritual superpower? We're building ours, titan style!

Why? Because it is what is needed to decolonize this world.

In Powerful Partnership,


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