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At Stone and Grace, we use social science to understand our social constructs. One of those social sciences is history. History is the study, documentation, and exploration of the past. We use history to understand why things are the way that they are, in order to become informed architects in crafting a better future.

History, the way many of us learned it, is usually told from the perspectives of the victors - those who have assumed power. For the majority of the past millennium that has been, on a global scale, for the most part, people of western European descent. We work to share history in a more holistic manner - sharing the stories of those who have been oppressed, suppressed, neglected, and/or potentially erased from history by those who have assumed power.

Someone once told me that history doesn't just repeat, it rhymes. We believe that when people know and understand their history, they build the power to make sure history doesn't rhyme and/or repeat; it progresses.

--Shaunda Lewis, Founder & Principal, Stone and Grace LLC

Happy Black History Month from Stone and Grace!

Let's learn history, together:

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