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I Quit! Part III

I Quit - Finale.

As I round out sharing my transition into freedom - mental, physical, and spiritual, I want to share that stepping into and owning consciousness is not an easy process, but it is necessary if we want to create a world that works better for us all.

I'm gonna rock with this Stone and Grace wave...

I believe I am on the right side of history. I believe I am on the right side of the future.

As I said goodnight to the camera on February 2, 2021, I committed to only moving forward and going up. Join me. Be the stone that pushes forward progress, and the eternal love that is grace.

Here is the final piece of the video from 2/2/2021.

Happy Beaver Full Moon and Happy Lunar Eclipse! Let's make this the dawn of a new era.

I'm excited to share the future with you all.


With Love, Shaunda

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