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I Quit!

Earlier this year, after over a decade of spending my professional time meandering through the public, private, and non-profit social impact spaces, I quit my job. I quit! On February 2, 2021 I quit my brand new, cushy, six-figure program officer job at a foundation with close to a billion dollar endowment in the middle of a global pandemic.

E N O U G H! Those were the letters that flashed in front of my face just two days earlier. Those were the letters that flashed in front of me as I pondered how best to get through another year; another six months; another three months; another two weeks working for another institution that perpetuated inequity in the name of alleviating it. I couldn’t do it anymore. I needed to jump out of the boiling water and jump into the circumstances I knew to be right.

Here is what came through in its raw, unfiltered form the moment after I pressed "send" on the resignation email. It was the moment I committed to stepping into my authenticity and staying true to the callings of my soul. I committed to Stone and Grace.


With Love, Shaunda

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