Delayed Liberation:
The True Story of Emancipation in the United States

Session Description

The narrative that we are told in social studies class growing up in the United States is that President Lincoln “freed the slaves” through his signing of the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863. While this is legally true, many enslaved people throughout the confederacy intentionally weren't alerted of their freedom until months and years later; the last of them being in Galveston, Texas on June 19, 1865. This was two years and six months after the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation and two months after Robert E. Lee surrendered the Confederacy to the Union (the end of the Civil War). Many in the African American community have recognized June 19th as a holiday since then, but it is not until our recent reckoning on racism in the US that Juneteenth is now recognized as a federal holiday. 

Come learn about how this all came to be, and build your personal and collective awareness of one accurate piece of US history. Gain a deeper awareness of what it means to be free in the United States of America.

From this Session You’ll Gain:

  • Deeper social awareness through exploring one story of emancipation that culminates in what is now the Juneteenth holiday.

  • A more accurate imprint of a piece of US history

  • A deeper appreciation of what it means to be free in the United States of America

  • Motivation to support Liberation in all its forms

  • Resources to continue learning and reflecting beyond the session


Session Structure:

Virtual 90-minute Session (in-person option for those in the Greater Boston area)

  • 60-minutes of Story-telling

  • 30-minute Debrief/Question & Answer Session

  • Designed for 25-100 Participants 

From Session Participants:


Thank you for both the hard truth and the jokes...The topic was heavy and hits home but, I am thankful for the opportunity to participate.

I loved the way Shaunda presented and made the experience interactive - she is absolutely amazing and made history come alive.

I felt really humbled by the experience and realize I have so much more to learn.

This was such an amazing event. Being a history buff and an amateur Lincoln scholar, it was refreshing to learn about this period of time from such a comprehensive (and raw!) perspective.

The true history of slavery in the US made me emotional and made me realize the everyday problems one faces are so minuscule. Today's lesson gave me a reinvigorated strength to strive hard in life. "Consistent Persistence" is my favorite takeaway phrase. I strongly feel a lesson like this should be shared loud and wide...

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