Beyond Emancipation:
American Dreams Manifest & Deferred

Session Description

June 19, 1865 (celebrated as “Juneteenth” today) was a pivotal date in the fight for freedom in the United States, emancipating the last of those enslaved under what was the institution of slavery. But what did freedom look and feel like for 4 million Black Americans who knew nothing but what it meant to be enslaved? What did the United States look and feel like fresh from a ruthless Civil War leaving it deeply hurt and inherently divided? What did these conditions engender in the American people and the socio-cultural make-up of the country?


Come learn the story of America beyond emancipation. The story of Black dreams manifest, deferred, and ever-prevailing. Explore the migratory journey of the powerful people who survived the institution of slavery. Further your insights on what it means to be free in the United States of America.


From this session you'll gain:

  • Deeper social awareness through exploring one migratory story of the people who survived the institution of slavery

  • A more accurate imprint of a piece of US history

  • A deeper appreciation of what it means to be free in the United States of America

  • Motivation to support Civil Rights and justice for all


Session Format:

Follow-up session to Delayed Liberation: The True Story of Emancipation in the United States

  • Virtual 90 minute session (in-person option for those in the Greater Boston area)

    • 60-minute storytelling

    • 30-minute debrief 

  • Designed for 25-100 participants


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