We are...

Focused on the individual, committed to the collective, and grounded in the truth.

We work to...

Transform spaces, places, and people.

We Value...


Acknowledge, explore, and confront the truth, no matter how difficult.



Handle the transition to better ways and higher consciousness with empathy, compassion, and love.



Ignite the power of choice and authenticity.

Our Vision:

Liberate hearts and minds.

Shaunda Lewis
Founder & Lead 

A self-ascribed "Specialist in Decolonization," Shaunda is a dynamic social impact innovator dedicated to developing systems and practices that create inclusive communities. With a breadth of experience leading organizations, programs, and teams, she is well versed in the power of people rooted in purpose.


Shaunda's experience spans the non-profit, public, and private sectors. She knows what it means to be celebrated and feel a sense of belonging. She also knows what it means to be unappreciated, undervalued, and not accepted for being and thinking different.  Throughout her career she has been laid-off, fired, held under glass ceilings, and forced to hold on to glass cliffs. Her deep understanding of professional success, failure, and apathy, as well as her depth of knowledge navigating a variety of sectors at both the grassroots and systems levels, and everywhere in between, affords her the skillset to meet people where they are and support them through positive transformation. 


Originally from the Greater Boston area and the daughter of Caribbean immigrants, Shaunda is an avid promoter of multiculturalism and anti-racist best practice.  A master facilitator, certified professional coach, and adult educator by trade, as well as historian by training, she influences growth through building knowledge and consciousness. 


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